V8 Sound Card External Usb Live Streaming, Broadcast, Recording…


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V8 Sound Card Audio Interface External USB Live Broadcast Microphone Sound Card For Computer PC Mobile Phones Singing Recording

Product Parameters
Sound card chip: Two noise reduction DSP chips
Signal to noise ratio (D/A): 108dB
Dynamic range: 106dB
Harmonic distortion: 106dB
Sound card input: DC5V/1A
Maximum power: 0.5W
Working hours: 10 hours
Audio interface: live interface (3.5mm) microphone interface (3.5mm) accompaniment interface (3.5mm) headphone jack (3.5mm) headset interface (3.5mm) USB interface (USB B)
Battery capacity: 1000MAH
Sound card function: 12 kinds of electronic sound, 12 kinds of sound effects, 6 effect modes, reverb volume adjustment,microphone volume adjustment, high and low sound adjustment,recording volume adjustment, volume adjustment, monitor volume adjustment (ie earplug) return function). Support the use of mobile computers, support a single headset, 7 kinds of connections: single mobile phone Kara live, double mobile live, three mobile live, mobile computer live broadcast, single computer live, computer accompaniment mobile live,musical instrument input mobile live.


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