Professional Waterproof Rain Cover Protector Case for Camera, Lens & Flashlight


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What do you do when you go on a trip, shoot outside, or get caught in a thunderstorm

Want to take a picture of the snow, want to take a walk in the snow, and love the machine, what do you do?

Go to the beach, clap lightning, and afraid of the machine getting wet, what do you do?

A good SLR raincoat is a must for a professional photographer

This rainproof cover is suitable for: SLR cameras with all kinds of long and short lenses

5D3/D800 and other similar sized machines can be used without a handle

Lens can be used in 70-200 2.8l II (small white II)

Half the hood is on the outside and the lens is fully protected

Product waterproof, dustproof effect is good, can be used in the rainy season, desert, seaside and other places that need to protect the camera

With it, you don’t have to worry about getting your camera and flash wet when it’s walking in the rain, snowing and thundering

And to the northeast, to the desert, to the seaside can also take it, at any time to protect your lovely machine

With zipper at the bottom, it can be directly connected with the tripod after opening, without affecting the waterproof effect.

Operate the camera by pushing your hand through two side cuffs, with a rope at the front and the cuffs.

There is also an elastic strap for securing the raincoat

The transparent part of the raincoat still works well, and neither screen framing nor viewfinder framing


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