Mini Softbox Diffuser Kit + 12pcs Gel Filter For Camera Flashlights


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Flash Softbox Diffuser Mini Softbox Kit Foldable Soft Box Flash + 12pcs Gel Filter Color Balance For Canon EOS Nikon

External flash diffuser
Easy to install and remove
Soften the flash light, suitable for digital camera external flash
Reflective material used inside the wall, so that the flash light is more fully utilized.

12pcs gel filter to make better color balance.

Material: Nylon+PVC
Foldable thickness: 3mm
Net weight:65g
Size: 30cm * 27cm
White part: 10 * 13cm
Gel filter size:9*12cm
Gel filter color: multicolor

Package includes:
1 x Flash Softbox
12pcs filter pads


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