CowboyStudio Triple Hot Shoe Light and Sound Bracket Umbrella Mount


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The CowboyStudio Hot Shoe Holder provides you with full control for the positioning your flash. With the built-in umbrella holder, you can have portable studio lighting without the hassle.

You can mount up to 3 items at the same time. The device is machined out of a single piece of fairly thick aluminum so there won’t be any bend or flex when in use.

L x w : 3in x 3.5in; Made of all-metal materials and durable
The camera adapter (bottom) is threaded into the unit with a 3/8 to 1/4 20 bushing adapter making it easy to use it with larger 3/8 mounting hardware.
Provides extra mounting points for a light, microphone, monitor or audio recorder
The Three-hot shoe mount has a built-in umbrella hole in center, which auto-locks with reed.
The Three shoes are all cold (meaning they can’t be used to power any device)


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