150x200CM 7-in-1 Portable Foldable Studio Photo Giant Size Reflector


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The 150x200CM 7-in-1 Photo Studio Collapsible Reflector helps to diffuse or reflect light. Whether you are looking to soften harsh shadows that occur with natural sunlight or reflect light indoors using a studio light, the 7-in-1 Studio Reflector serves as an apt tool

7-in-1 reflector panels feature seven surfaces; Translucent, Silver, Gold, White and Black, Blue and Green

White reflectors: white reflectors reflect light very subtle. Because of its reflective performance is not very strong so the effect becomes soft and natural. Need to add a little bit of light, the use of such reflectors on the details of the shadow parts of the fill light. This situation is often similar to the windows in the use of lighting to use, allowing a little more shadow detail parts.

Silver reflectors: silver reflectors as relatively bright and smooth as a mirror. It can lead to more bright light. Silver reflector is the most commonly used as a reflector. The effect of such reflectors to be photographed easily illuminates the eyes to, thereby creating a large and bright eyes light. When the cloudy and light mainly from being photographed on the head shot over the use, directly on the subject’s face below, it just outside the camera field of view, the top light reflection to be photographed face. In overcast light conditions, white reflectors do not have such a strong role.

Gold reflectors: under the conditions used in the golden sunlight reflector fill light. With silver reflectors, as it wildly like a smooth mirror reflects light, but with the cold tone of silver reflectors Instead, it produces a warmer tone of light. Gold reflector is more commonly used as the main light. In bright sunlight shooting back-lit portraits, and from the side and slightly higher at the light reflected to the subject’s face. With this reflector has two effects: first, can be the subject who is exposed to direct light face, and also so that the subject who face increased exposure of a block; second is to reduce the background to the foreground from the exposure difference, this will not make the background seriously overexposed.

Quickly & Easily Diffuse Harsh Light When harsh light causes shadows on your subject, place the diff-user surface directly between the light source and the subject to diffuse the harsh light. The reflective panel also allows you to fill in the dark area with a more natural skin tone.
The reflector comes with a carry case for easy storage.
(Note! When cleaning the diff-user please use a non-bleach laundry detergent. Applying any cleaner to the reflective surface may damage its laminated surface)


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