12pc Flash Color card diffuser Lighting Gel


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There are 12 kinds of filters, including the top flash, the color plate, the magic card and the color sheet.

Main features:
1, adopt 12 different color color plates, provide 12 different color temperature, create different lighting color effect.
2, 12 kinds of color plates with high light transmittance materials, stable color temperature, small loss, light and strong, wide range of usage.
Scope of application: Flashlight / Speedlite

Material: Plastic
Color Filter Size: approx. 7.4cm x 4.6cm
Filter Holder Size: approx. 6.7cm x 7.5cm
Velcros Size: approx. 24cm x 2.9cm
Colors include: Magenta, Red, Dark orange, Mid orange, Light orange, Yellow, Purple, Navy blue, Middle blue, Light blue, Dark green, Light green.


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